BA Board Members

Board Members Roster

Our building association is managed by alumni brothers who volunteer their time and expertise to steer our Charge to calm waters. Although daily operations are executed by a property management company, Smith & Taylor, the Delta Deuteron Building Association Inc. makes the decisions. Meet our board.

President of the Board

C. David Strait ’77 Mr. Strait is the proprietor of Strait Answers, a marketing company which specializes in the hospitality industry. His background in budgeting, marketing, and event coordination have contributed to our alumni outreach events such as the Spring Banquet and football tailgate “Alumni Suite”. An avid home repair hobbiest, David keeps working to fix TDX by directing improvements and working with the undergrads on projects. He holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology.


Long C. Lam ’05 Mr. Lam joined the board shortly after graduation with a degree in Business and fresh experience as the undergrad House Manager. Now he is working and in pursuit of an advanced degree in Business Finance. His focus on our rental agreements and payment collection processes have helped us achieve a positive cash-flow in the BA balance sheet. Long has recently married his college sweetheart, and splits his time between San Jose and Los Angeles.

Board Member

Jeffery J. Lawrence ’72 Mr. Lawrence has been a most active contributor to the betterment of our Charge as a BA board member and fundraiser and advisor throughout the many decades since his graduation. He helped lead a major fundraising campaign in the year 2000, and brings his professional expertise in real estate development and strategic management to the board. His current area of focus is in training for Rush recruitment strategies.

 Board Member

Edward C. Szaky ’75 Mr. Szaky helps to handle our major capital improvement projects and provide quality assurance for significant repair projects, which are numerous. His efforts have allowed the BA to take charge of projects rather than relying on outside management. Ed is a professional in the field of multi-unit residential properties. His background provides the board with a frame-of-reference in common practices for rental agreement and payment collections processes.

Board Member

Kevin J. Hahn ’12

Upon graduation Mr. Hahn took a position at the Theta Delta Chi National office as a Charge Consultant. He was trained in proper fraternity processes, and traveled to many fraternity Charge houses to work with students in building a better organization. Now Kevin is an exemplary participant on the board, providing a high level of energy and wonderful perspective on best practices for a responsible fraternal culture. He will eventually attend medical school.

Board Member

Nathan Chan ’11

Recently joined the board in order to support our efforts going forward.