House Centennial

Celebrating The Delta Deuteron House:

The year 2016 marked the 100 year anniversary of completion of the Delta Deuteron House on the corner of College and Durant Avenues in Berkeley, California. The notable structure was commissioned by a newly formed Delta Deuteron Building Association which sold stock to raise funds for the $19,000 cost of development. The building was purpose-built to house the Berkeley chapter of Theta Delta Chi international fraternity; which had earlier been established in 1900 at Berkeley.

Delta Deuteron House circa 1916. This photo is from The Shield magazine.

Delta Deuteron House circa 1916. This photo is from The Shield magazine.

Plans for the stately three story half-timbered ‘Tudor Revival’ style house were completed in 1915, with original design by brother Norman W. Shaw ΔΔ’08, an associate at William C. Hay’s architectural firm in San Francisco. Mr. Hays was also a professor at the UC School of Architecture. Construction was completed in 1916 with brother Shaw spending ‘…the last few months chasing the contractors about with his book of specifications, trying to make them live up to their agreements.” (The Shield, Fall 1916). The Delta Deuteron House was later featured in the May 1918 issue of The American Architect magazine.

The completed fraternity house was feted at a Dedication Dinner held in the charge house on August 26, 1916. Fifty-four brothers were in attendance, with future U.S. Congressman Frank H. Buck ΔΔ’07 acting as toastmaster.

Centennial Banquet Celebration: 1916 – 2016.
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At the 1916 banquet, many speeches were given and telegrams from across the country were read. In closing the author of the article in The Shield wrote:

“It is hardly too much to say that there was no brother present who did not gain a renewed inspiration, and who did not feel his interest in the fraternity enlarged and broadened by the dedication of this house.”

‘Delta Deuteron’s Dedication Dinner’, The Shield, Fall 1916, page 11.

Brother Tug Shaw was also responsible for the renovation of the Hut Wing in 1946, according to building permits. Shaw also designed the Alpha Tau Omega house at 2424 Le Conte Ave., which burned in a 1923 fire.

Our thanks to the Berkeley Architecthural Heritage Association for tremendous research which formed the basis of this article